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Lighting brightens up life !

For some, it is a way out of poverty. For others, it’s the provision of safer areas with higher security. Yet others look to it for improved health and better living environs. Lighting in modern cities is imperative for entertainment. It creates magic and inspires designs.

Lighting Technologies are here to serve a purpose. The more energy efficient, the more affordable and the more beneficial they are, the better they serve the masses.

The Regional Centre for Lighting attempts to strike a balance among these, by optimising technologies and maximising gains.



LED Lighting Technology Workshop - July 2014 Concluded Successfully

The two days training course on “LED Lighting Technology” organized by the Regional Center for Lighting 

RCL Designs a Street Lighting System for Imaduwa Town

RCL has designed a street lighting system for Imaduwa town which is being rehabilitated under “Imaduwa 

Outdoor Lighting Institute - April 2014 Concluded Successfully

With the participation of 25 participants from government and private sectors, outdoor lighting institute 

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